Una multitud de hacks han sido creados desde el lanzamiento de Transformice. La más comúnhoy en día es el "hack salto" (detalle a continuación). Todos los hacks encuentra hoy en día están del lado del cliente y puede ser reparado por las acciones de sincronizacióninvocado por el cliente con el servidor y el hosthabitación. Estos son generalmente creados por hex de editar el archivo Transformice.swf.Alternativamente, los usuarios utilizanaplicaciones de memoria de edición, comoCheat Engine (CE) para editar la memoria de los contenedores de los swf..
Tango Cross1.png - Not currently patched.
Tango Cross0.png - Currently unpatchable.
Tango Tick1.png - Patched.
Hack NamePatched?ConditionEffect
Recursive JumpTango Cross1.pngAliveEnables the user to bypass the single-jump restriction, essentially flying. Also known as the "fly hack" and "infinite jump". As of version 0.59, a detection method has been implemented, albeit can be circumvented.
All Normal ItemsTango Cross1.pngOnly ShamanShaman has the ability to spawn any item, no matter what the map.
Instant CheeseTango Tick1.pngAliveUser instantly gains the cheese upon the designated activation.
Spawn InstantlyTango Cross1.pngOnly ShamanRemoves the casting time of Shaman casts, essentially instantly.
Recursive SpawningTango Cross1.pngOnly ShamanSpawns shaman items simultaneously with no cast time.
Spawn AnywhereTango Cross1.pngOnly ShamanAllows the Shaman to spawn at any coordinate visible on the map. Varyingly, within map boundaries.
Speed HackTango Tick1.pngAliveAllows the user to increase speed to any limit. User appears to "lag" in distances to other mice. Automatically detected at high speeds.
Unused Item HackTango Tick1.pngOnly ShamanModifies the Shaman menu to access unused items that are hidden in the game, including anchors.
Gravity HackTango Tick1.pngAliveAlters the gravity of the user.
Jump HeightTango Cross1.pngAliveModifies the jump height of the user.
World Gravity HackTango Tick1.pngOnly HostChanges the world gravity which essentially affects all users.
180° Map View Rotation HackTango Cross1.pngAlwaysDefuncts the 180° rotation on maps that are upside-down. Client-side.
No Mouse CollisionTango Cross1.pngAliveDisables the collision of the user allowing the user to pass through mice on collision-based maps.
Anti-ExplosionTango Cross1.pngAliveDisables the effect of bombs, balls, and spirits from affecting the user's position and velocity.
TeleportationTango Tick1.pngAliveEnables the user to teleport to any coordinate visible to them. Usually is assigned to the down-arrow key for their ease, but also a method of hypothetical detection.
Anti-QueueTango Cross1.pngAlwaysBypasses the player waiting queue when the limit has been exceeded on the server.
Anti-AFKTango Tick1.pngAlwaysBypasses the 10-minute AFK timer that disconnects you after idleness.
Anti-FloodTango Tick1.pngAlwaysRemoves the 1-second delay between messages.
Anti-Identical MessagesTango Tick1.pngAlwaysDisables the identical-message limit allowing the user to repeat the same message more than once in an instance. There's various other chat hacks not worth mentioning.
No Death BarrierTango Tick1.pngAliveRemoves the original death barrier allowing the user to navigate anywhere visible. However, user becomes non-responsive if exceeding a non-visual limit, and thus stalling the remainder of the map.
GhostingTango Tick1.pngAliveAllows the user to pass through any solid objects; walls, items, mice, etcetera.
Grapple HookTango Tick1.pngAliveRe-enables the deprecated Grapple Hook utility. This was first introduced with Transformice's release, but has since then been disabled, but not removed via the source code. Visibility of the actual grapple hook is client-side.
Standalone ClientTango Tick1.pngAlwaysAllows users to execute the .swf in a standalone client by a .exe locally (from computer). Commonly used to increase the visibility of Transformice, bypassing the original cropped size. Usually used by hackers to execute hex-edited .swf's containing exploits for ease. Do not confuse this with external players loading by the Transformice URL.
Cheese DisplacementTango Tick1.pngOnly HostAllows the user to change and update the coordinates of the cheese.
Ground SpawningTango Tick1.pngOnly HostUser can spawn invisible ground blocks.
Item DeletingTango Tick1.pngOnly HostUser can delete any item that is capable of moving, excluding mice.
No Night ModeTango Tick1.pngAlwaysAllows playing levels without the night time mode.
Spawn ExplosionsTango Tick1.pngOnly HostBombs will spawn very rapidly on bomb maps, making the completion of map almost impossible.
Spawn TrampsTango Tick1.pngOnly HostTramps will fall out of the sky, it also removes all current objects that were placed on the map. Eg. Anchors, planks.